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Technology in RC Racing

Our goal is to bring useful and innovative products and services
to the RC Car Racing community, to help in all aspects of RC.

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Our Shop


Stock Car Wing Kits

Very similar to the popular 3-piece wing kits available, but cheaper.

Comes pre-cut and folded, and with 2mm bolts, washers and nuts for assembly

Requires drilling of 2mm & 3mm holes.


12V Power Supply - 60A constant supply

Made from refurbished HP Server power supplies; light, compact, short-circuit and overload protection built-in.  Capable of powering several chargers, Truer and soldering irons - all at the same time!

Connectors easily capable of delivering all 60A safely to your devices.   Comes with mains power lead.


NiMH 4300 4-cell Packs

High capacity 4300 mAh race packs, fitted with Deans connectors and fully protected, with insultaing protective cover plus clear heatshrink.
(picture shows Tamiya connector - 50p less)

Smaller or larger cells are available - priced accordingly - contact us for a quote.

Side-by-side batteries are safer to use, and perform better with proper maintenance.

Coming soon - full guide to racing side-by-side NiMH Cells.

Lap Analysis for RC

Every lap, every race, every driver
Full analysis of consistency and potential

New meetings added regularly


I've been racing since 1985, starting in 10th off-road.  
Only electric mind!
Club racing at all clubs in Scotland, as well
as Batley, Southport, EPR, WLRC, all at club events,
and at Regionals & National events all over the UK.  

Classes raced: 12th LMP, 10th Touring Cars, Micro Buggies, GT12, GT10, RC bikes, 10th Off-road, 8th Off-road, all Stock car classes (there will be others - just can't remember them!)

I'm a electric class racer first and foremost - comes from
having part of an Electrical & Electronics degree, and
qualifications in Computer Science.  

Putting these together with RC car racing seems to be the best way to make the most of the opportunity to compete - and what are we doing if not trying to compete - while at the same time, have fun, and enjoy it!

Age brings experience, but the price is a loss of skills and ability.
So nowadays, I prefer to work on the cars and the technology,
rather than serious competitive racing.  But I love competition

That's why we do this.  Bringing Technology to RC Car Racing

Oh!   And I do have a comprehensive museum of cars - "one of everything", is the phrase that springs to mind.  I'll post a gallery someday...

Get in touch if you have any questions or want to order
any of our products or services.